Our biochar, is made in Italy with certified wood,
100% guaranteed

Our biochar has excellent purity characteristics, so that it can also be ingested by humans.

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How CO2 subtraction occurs in nature through plants

How CO2 is removed by biochar

Plants are CO2 warehouses, they have the ability to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, bringing it into the soli and at the same time releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. This phenomenon, which is called "carbon sequestration", is good for the environment, at least until the plants are in the ground. If they are cut and subsequently burned or left to macerate, they release the CO2 they have accumulated back into the atmosphere, contributing to the amount of greenhouse gases in the air and
aggravating the climate crisis.

Biochar, also called vegetable carbon, is a concrete solution to the climate crisis as it removes CO2 from the atmosphere and fights desertification.
Biochar is a matrix that derives from wood chips
and wood processing waste, coming from the
cleaning of green areas and woods, through
combustion in an oxygen free environment. During its production, it literally imprisons the C02 in its structure which is composed of 90% carbon and stores it in the ground in the form of fertilizer, creating a virtuous circle.

Finding more effective and innovative ways to sequester carbon from the atmosphere and to trap it into the soil is essential to face the ever-increasing amount of land taken from forests and used for cultivation. While on one hand efforts towards reforestation are increasing, on the other it is important that substantial seizures of carbon are also implemented in cultivated fields. Nerabiochar responds this need, through the production of biochar. We have developed an efficient and effective method to do so.

Why is the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere important?

A simple gesture ... I'll explain it to you in this video

Here is our solution!

How is biochar used?

Biochar or charcoal can be used as:

  • Agricultural conditioner
  • Feed additive
  • Filtration
  • Pharmaceutics
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Our product has been
certified and verified
from the University of Turin

With one of our plants that produces only Biochar

Our material is produced with a dedicated processing plant of our own design.

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We do it in Italy

We produce in Piedmont in Ivrea. We are an Italian company that has chosen to make a difference, so our research focused on a technology that could save the planet, without using synthetic substances.

We use only certified wood

We only use Italian woody biomass deriving from a controlled supply chain.

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Unlike the other biochars that derive from waste gasification, ours is 100% guaranteed, because
we produce only Biochar:

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Increased plant growth​​​​​​​


Amount of biochar added to the soil


Here is the yield that our Biochar has on plants

Quantità di piante usate per il test

Durata del test

in giorni

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Do you want to help save the planet with a small gesture?​​​​​​​

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Buy our biochar and put it in the ground, so with just one action you will have improved the life of your plants and removed CO2 from the atmosphere.


15 lt for a price of just 49,00 €

free shipping

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Now you can do it yourself with a simple gesture!

Find out how you can help the planet!

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Do you want to help save the planet by subtracting CO2 from the atmosphere?


Quantità sempre maggiori di terreno vengono utilizzate per sfamare una popolazione in aumento, erodendo la quantità di foreste e zone verdi, depositi di CO2 che una volta tagliati finiscono in atmosfera. Riuscire a restituire al terreno la CO2 è fondamentale per combattere i cambiamenti climatici. Abbiamo intervistato Danilo Alaimo della Nerabiochar, un’azienda italiana che ha trovato un modo per farlo. Leggi tutto

11 giugno 2019

Alberto Laratro

They talk about us​​​​​​​

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